via Daily Prompt: Pause

Deep breath. Remember who you are and how you got to where you’ve ended up today. What choices have you made to be the person you are right now. Is this who you want to be and where you want to be doing it?

Taking time to pause and gather our thoughts in a small way can lead to gathering thoughts in a much larger way. When do we take the time to just ask the questions that are so important to who we are and where we are going? How many times to we say, “how did I get here?”

Life is about choices. Where we choose to live. If we choose to go to college or serve our country. Who we choose to marry. Where we choose to work. How many kids we choose to have, if any. How often do we pause to make responsible choices? Not only in the big areas of our lives but the small.

Do we choose to smile every day? Do we choose to say hello or open a door. Do we choose to be positive or negative? Do we choose to be the example of good or bad? Do we choose to do the right thing or the easy thing? How do those choices affect others?

Pause. Reflect. Rejoice in the moment. If you find your not where you want to be. Change it. But take the time to pause and decide.

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