In 4 months: a new job, a new home, in a new state, with new friends, a new life.


Looking back, I see the alignment. Praying for God to show the way, prepare the hearts, give the strength and courage to the result of a new life of peace, hope, and beautiful beginnings. As I  reflect, it is nothing short of how God works in our lives to clear the path. Allowing, following, having the courage to fully trust that God’s plan for our lives is good. Uncomfortableness in life is equal to reliance on God.

Six kids, six grandchildren, a faithful and incredible husband had to be on board to allow me to follow God’s call on my life. Not just words, reality.

God gently prods and opens doors. How do we KNOW THAT IT IS GOD?  Obedience to Him. Not what we want, what He wants.

He starts with the small things, if we are obedient with the small he gives us more. He gives us more until He can trust that we will follow through on the Big Stuff! What is the small? The person who is on your mind to send a text to say have a good day, the person you are nice to just because, the GUT feeling you have about something and you do it but you have no idea why…….the small stuff.

Four months ago, if God would have laid out the whole plan, I would have said NO WAY, NOT ME! I was to afraid. I could not possibly do what God wanted me to do. I would have had every human reason in the book to say no. He gave it in small increments. It was good.

God’s goals are bigger than us. He gives us what we can comprehend at the time and then builds on that. His plans are beyond our wildest imagination, taking us to places we never would have dreamt.

What is God laying on you to be OBEDIENT in today? Where is HE? If your not sure, HE is right there waiting for you to say Hey, Here I am Lord. Use Me! Pick Me!



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