Lead Me All day

God lead me all day – don’t let me fall out of step with you.

God   lead    me    all    day    don’t     let    me    fall    out    of    step    with    you.

Fourteen words that have changed my life. It is amazing when you commit to anything the level of buy-in and life change it can create. The strength it can muster. It is amazing how God can take fourteen words to heart and use them to create ministry.

I heard these words at a Catalyst Conference in Mannheim,PA early in November of 2016. Craig Groeschel was speaking on leadership. An amazing church leader who admits to not having it all together but leads with grace and certainty. I began to  say these words, pray them, believe God would not fall out of step with me.  I began to depend on them. Want to know God is leading me ALL DAY every step of the way.  I prayed them with the staff I was leading at the time. Strong, real, stable, yet simple words asking God to come along side and strengthen.

Conversations changed, vision changed, my personal ministry changed. Simple things became clear. The fog lifted! God wants to lead all day long. He wants to be in step with us. The question is, do we have the courage to give up control and let him?  To feel the peace beyond understanding and understand that is deep faith in Christ. All stemming from, “God lead me all day – don’t let me fall out of step with you”.

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