It takes what it takes…

“It takes what it takes”. – Schnase 

Wise words to apply to life in general. 

I’ve been in turmoil to help my church keep up with the times.  To remain relevant and fresh for those who choose to worship with us.  We are a United Methodist Church in Western PA.  We are not in the Bible Belt or even in an area that is particularly thriving.  We are located in a town that is depressed, drug ridden, and fighting to come back or maybe to stay alive.   

How does a church stay relevant in this kinds of a town?  I find myself praying for God to show me how to lead well into this season.  How do we reach people for Christ when people aren’t sure Christ is what they want.  When soccer and hockey somehow became more important than corporate worship.  When getting our own way starts standing in the way of worshipping the God who created us.  

How do we reach a generation whose parents hover and the kids know best?  Where will this generation find comfort when life gets rocky? What will their solid rock and foundation be?  

I think there is hope! I think it takes what it takes and we don’t stop until we figure out what that is. As a leader I would rather try and fail then fail to try.  

Corporate worship, hymns, candles, communion, prayer, authenticity all have a place. God will open this generations hearts to it. We need to ask for it.  We need to seek and we shall find. 

We, 40,50,60 year olds need to let go and let God! Remember our job is to prepare for the next generation.  Ask the younger people, the next generation, to sit on our boards and leadership teams then listen to what they have to say!  Listen! Act! Don’t be afraid to change! If your not changing your DYING! 

There is a place for contemporary worship but I think there is still a place for traditional worship as well.  Maybe the coffee house is the next thing or home churches. But there is something about walking into a traditional sanctuary once in a while to remember and feel and smell the good and bad of church.  Yes, the good and bad.  Church hurts and heals. 

Break me, heal me, use me. A bold prayer. It has gotten me far.  It takes what it takes! Choose life. Choose change! 

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