Sweet Moments of Wellspring

screen-shot-2015-09-01-at-3-23-23-pmA sweet moment, an image I cannot get out of my mind.  An image I treasure, savor and find joy in.

I suck as a friend, I’m busy, I have things to do I don’t take the time for friendships.  It is hard for me to let people into  my life to see who I am at my core.

There are very, very few people that I can be myself with; my children, my mother, my husband that’s about it.  In the past year I’ve been involved with a ministry called Wellspring.  It teaches people, men and women, to live more fully from their whole heart. It teaches people, like me, who have closed most of their true heart, therefore true selves off from the world, to begin to feel again. To begin to live again!  To live the way God created us (me) to live.

It awakens feelings, passions, joys, sorrows so deep in you, you don’t really remember they existed.  Their surfacing is a surprise, even to you. When you realize a new smell, or memory, or thought, it is like a gift or puzzle piece revealed at just the right time, placed in just the right space to make sense.

God is at work, so gently, so gracefully, very diligently bringing his children back into his presence.  He does it at the pace you can handle, not to fast, not to slow but just right because He knows it is all you can handle.  God uses his people, carefully chosen for each task.

We have a team called a fellowship, built of women (or men) to walk this path together.  It is meant to hold each other up, to be prayerful, to challenge, and to hold each other accountable.

My team is made up of three other woman that I would not otherwise have become friends with.  Remember I SUCK at being a friend!   I would never have made time for  relationships with these women without the prompting of Wellspring.

The sheer beauty in each of the relationships is amazing.  We are unique, we are complicated, we are in different places in our lives, and that is ok.  We are bonding through a journey I don’t think any of us expected would be like this.  We are awakening together and walking through territory none of us have tread before.

The sweet moment came when one of the women had an exceptionally tough day. She was sitting on the floor of a chilly room doing some work and another in our group asked if she could sit with her.

I was leaving the room and I turned around, for whatever reason, and when I did I saw what I truly think was a gift God chose to give me that day.

I saw pure joy in two women who love each other the way Jesus intended for us to love one another.  I saw tenderness, care, happiness, surrender, I saw Jesus radiate from one friend to another in need of a few moments of nurturing.

It was as beautiful as a summer sunset over the ocean when the sky is a beautiful pink and the water is calm and peaceful.  The scene was calm, peaceful, heartfelt.  It was sweet; a gift I am thankful I did not miss.

In leadership we tend to lead from our heads all to often.  We make decisions based on the facts, which is good we need to do that.  But, we can’t forget that we have hearts too.  We can’t forget the people and situations we manage have beating hearts!

God gives us the tools we need to lead well. He even gives us Biblical principles.  Wellsprings helped me heal from numerous leadership hurts. We need to have thick skin as leaders, but we are human, we get hurt! It is lonely at the top, yes it is but we need to find people we can trust, outside of our family, to pray for us, walk with us, be our fellowship to help us weather the storms.

God wants us to live and only through keeping our whole heart open can we do that. Provers 4:23 reads “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it” NIV.  The words that come out of your mouth flow from your heart.

Are you leading from your whole heart or your broken heart?  I challenge you to examine your heart and see.  I lead from my broken heart for many years.  I have a long ways to go and although not easy, being on the journey is worth it.




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