What’s on your mind….really 

  What’s on my mind asks Facebook each time I log in. What’s on my mind?  

I hold back so often so I do not hurt the feelings of some of my followers.  I know if they read my posts they will know I’m talking about them. I would love a safe place to vent and not hold back. A place to say exactly what is on my mind. Maybe I just say sorry now. If you read this and get offended just stop reading. 

What’s on my mind is: if your a person who gets everything handed to you, don’t rub it into the face those of us who work for every stinking thing we own, do, think about, or consider!  Just be grateful and shut up for heavens sake. Get drunk quietly, be responsible for five minutes, stop depending on everyone around you to keep handing life to you on a golden platter!  Keep your mouth shut and keep walking. We are working our butts off while your getting your nails done so please shut up and let us work!  Let us be proud of our accomplishments because by golly WE DID IT OURSELVES! 

What’s on my mind? Put yourself in the other persons shoes.  Stop being selfish. There are two sides to every story, every situation!  How do you take a 20+ year relationship and toss it out the window because your to shallow to have a conversion!  Or did you really just not care all those years and I was to stupid to not know it. Wow.  Who was I to think when two adults have a misunderstanding one adult would, I don’t know, talk to the other! Now there is a novel idea! 

What’s on my mind? I want authentic. I want genuine. I’m tired of games. I’m tired  of relationships that aren’t strong enough to get through the tough stuff or sturdy enough for genuine conversation. When do adults mature enough to understand that loving well means taking the good with the bad.  That life isn’t all chocolate and roses but sometimes it is mud and rain.  

2016 is going to be the year of lean and clean for me. No more surface. Clean is the area of relationship, house, office. You name it. Bottom line if you don’t want to know for real what’s on my mind you might not want to ask. I would encourage you to think about, pray about, read about loving well and speaking the truth in love.  

If there is one thing that gets me in trouble it is not clearly communicating my wants and needs.   Recently someone I love dearly said to me that I am famous for saying I will do something and then not following through. That statement cut me to the core. At one time in my life, when I was insecure and juggling 8 people’s schedules, that may have been true. Today not so much. 

We grow, we mature, we learn.  So, what is on my mind is to be a better person by clearly letting others know what is on my mind but remembering to do so in a loving and graceful way. 

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