Best part of the day…..

What was the best part of your day? Have you thought about it? December 22, two days before Christmas Eve “the most wonderful time of the year” and have you stopped long enough to enjoy the moment?

A friend gave me a gift today. A gift from her heart and it was the best part of my day.

She spent months perfecting this gift, not for me, but in general.  She shared the journey with me, which was part of the gift and she doesn’t even know it!  She and her gift were the best part of my day! Just as good as the gift is the fact that this year, in taking the time to breath, I’ve  noticed!

How fun to look back on the last months and realize the details of a story that ended in such satisfaction, not only in my joy of receiving, but in the joy of my friends satisfaction of finishing the beauty of her project!  We had moments of copier room conversation around the project that just seemed like conversation. But after reflection was part of a larger equation.  What are we missing by rushing the details. What other gifts are passing us by because reflection is not part of daily life.

Recently I was challenged to build reflection time, even if only a few minutes here and there, into my days to see how God might be working in my life.  It has been very difficult to do. The task has been a real burden at times. But today I’ve seen the fruits of the labor and it brought joy.

Five minutes. Sometimes five seconds to reflect is all it takes to realize the details of the story. Today was the ah ha moment, a gift. A very sweet gift.

Just breath. The moment is within.

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