Just Breath 

 It starts. The week of Christmas is here.  We finalize the details, purchase the last gifts, wrap, perfect, plan, work the plan. It’s over. Did we blink. How did it go so fast again?  Am I really taking the tree down?

This year I’ve made the choice to savor the moments. They will come again next year for sure but they will not be the same! The air will change, the time will change, the people may change. We never know what a day may bring. Stop for a few moments and notice what you have. Even if you don’t think you have anything you have something.  You do!

God has a plan for us. He wants us to work that plan even more than the details of our hectic Christmas week plan. He wants us to spend time paying attention to Him, building our relationship with Him, knowing Him so that we can have the ultimate gift!  HIM! Even if it’s for just a moment. Notice Him. He’s right there. Loving you. He is!

The price has been paid.  Christmas was only the beginning.  Celebrate! Enjoy. Relax. Breath. Just for a moment! Feels good! 😊

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