Good Ole Boys are not that good.

There is nothing worse than the ‘good ole boys’ club. You know, that group of men who think they rule the world.  Their decisions are the only decisions, women are to be seen and not heard, we all know at least one!

‘Good ole boys’, let me tell you a little something about intelligent women who are authentic in the way we conduct ourselves.

We can negotiate a deal based on facts, needs of the organization and can produce a win/win when possible.   We are not people who will play “good cop/bad cop” or “wink, wink” at another in a meeting, especially a male,  just to open the door to a later conversation. We have more respect for ourselves and our significant others than to “wink, wink” at anyone!   We do not sit back and let people, no matter the gender, walk all over us.  We will not stoop to the levels ‘Good ole boys’ want us to so that we are seen and not heard.

We are able to have intelligent conversations that will result in compromise.  We can be pretty and intelligent all at the same time, imagine that!  Women in leadership are just as productive as men and more productive than the ‘good ole boys’ because we work out of ethical and moral behavior.  We make decisions that will take our organizations to the next level every day with honest and non deceptive conversations.  It is said that women make better leaders because we are compassionate!  In all honesty, I learned my leadership skills and continue to develop under strong male figures.  Men who respect others based on their talent, not their gender.  Men who are TRUE leaders because of their strong character, morals, and values.

Don’t underestimate a good woman in a leadership position.  We speak our minds in an assertive way, not aggressively.  We treat others with respect, always.  We solve problems well. We care about people, regardless of if they are in the club.  We seek authentic, professional relationship.

I am thankful for leaders who understand the value of respect to others.  I am thankful for the way a good leader, male or female, seeks to build up those around them.  I am thankful for the strength I have to not give in to any ‘Good ole boy’!  I pray the self awareness of people who put themselves above others is revealed to them and they want to change.  We all have areas to work on right!  Maybe the ‘Good ole boys’ eyes will be opened by authentic, honest, forthcoming people who call this unacceptable behavior to their attention through honesty, authenticity, and respect!  The best way to teach is by example right!

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  1. This is great! I recently got rid of two male clients because of their unprofessional behavior. One in particular who operated by belittling. I told him many times that to belittle is to BE LITTLE. Yet, he didn’t get it and continued with his little misogynist digs and vastly superior attitude. I feel so much better now that his negativity is no longer a part of my life.

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