Simple Pleasures


Who would have thought the first smell of freshly cut grass would be so pleasant.  Enough so that it stopped me in my tracks today.  

Running, literally, from meeting to meeting today, the smell of the first cut of the season was purely delightful.  Spring has spring.  Snow is done. The air is warmer.  The smells are crisp and the birds are happy.  

What a surprise that something so simple and expected could be rejuvinating.  It made me think about how simple life can really be and how complicated we make it.  I am the biggest offender of packing to much in, raising my stress levels to unbearable.  God stopped me right then and there, before the most difficult meeting of my day, to say: I got this. It’s easy.  Trust me!  

Relief! Simplify.  Take one extra second to notice something ordinary and appreciate it!  Rejoice in it!  Let simplicity sink into your day. Smile!  That one second is worth it! 

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