Monday, again, really!

It’s finally Friday!  And then comes Monday. Again. Quickly. Furiously. Without fail.  What is that! When did Monday decide to arrive again?  How often is the weekend so much fun that it is over before you realized it started! Not party hardy fun or get so drunk you can’t remember the weekend fun, but relational, conversational, energizing fun!

What happens to us when we just enjoy the moment with friends, food, conversation.  Experience hard, heartfelt “belly laughs” over good, clean, ridiculous life experience shared among people who don’t know each other well, but care about each other in ways that go beyond acquaintances, not to cross the line of good friends.  No shop talk!   It is rare! Not making fun of others or talking about others but laughing about situations life hands us.  Maybe even situations that at the time weren’t so funny but now, later, the humor is gut wrenching!

Stop and think of the last time you experienced the kind of laugh that is deep, meaningful, painful to the abdomen!  Let yourself remember the story, the moment, smile, laugh again, feel the emotion!  Its good!

I challenge you to approach your week with the Joy you are remembering right now!  The joy conversation and relationships bring.  We all have these moments in common.  There are not many things everyone alive has in common but this is one of them.  We have all experienced deep meaningful joy.  No everyone chooses to see, acknowledge or feel it, but it is there. The challenge is to see it,  remember it, hold onto the joy when sorrow comes because it will come!  Look for moments to laugh but not at another’s expense.  To laugh deeply, purely, joyfully!

It’s almost Monday……….hurray! Any I say that joyfully!

It's Monday....I choose.....
It’s Monday….I choose…..

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