What a concept! Who even thinks about doing one thing at a time anymore? I sure don’t. As I write this I am working on goals for my staff, texting my son, thinking about weekend activities, putting lists together for next week……and the thought processes go on.

What would happen if life slowed down long enough to not multitask? A better question might be, what if we slowed life down long enough to do one thing at a time. What would the outcome be? Would our work be more complete, thorough? Would our relationships be stronger? Would our stress levels decrease? I am so compelled by this thinking that I’ve decided to try it. I am not sure I am capable of a whole day of it….. oops there goes the text sound that needs an immediate response….. I’ve already failed.

My example of single task thinking comes from Jesus! Jesus is the ultimate example of leadership. When Jesus focused, he focused. In the Gospel of Luke Jesus returns to his homeland after quite a trip of healing and miracles! People were excited to see Him, thousands of people. Imagine the parade and celebration – We have parades when the Steelers win the Superbowl! I am betting there isn’t a player on the team who would stop and focus on one person’s needs in times of celebration! Jesus stopped in the midst of the celebration of His return to focus on one 12 year old little girl who was dying, Jairus’s daughter! Though there were thousands of people, expectations, demands, requests, concerns, Jesus prioritized the importance of the tasks surrounding Him and chose this 12 year old child to focus his time and energy. I can just imagine the warmth of his eyes and calm of His voice!

So, I begin again to only focus on one task at a time. To prioritize what is important. I will not be saving lives today but I may be investing in important relationships and tasks. Calmly, deliberately, focused, and with joy!

Focused Deliberate Joy!
Focused Deliberate Joy!

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