You’ve reach the top….now what!

You are hired as a first time manager.  First day of work you meet the people you will be managing.  Most are older than you.  Obviously all have seniority at your new company.  A couple of your team members actually applied for the job you were hired to do.  Wow, sounds like a tough first day.

How do you handle a situation like this?

  • Never walk into this type of situation with a chip on your shoulder.  Everyone knows you have lots to prove.  Copping an “I’m the boss” attitude” is the last thing you want to do.  You are going to get the cold shoulder from some.  You are going to be observed closely.  Everyone is going to want to know what the new guy/girl is going to do.
  • You will have those who want to get close to you right off the bat.  Beware!  Walk slow.  Take your time getting to know your staff.
  • Be careful of those who want to give you the dirt on the department.  Learn the personalities of your staff on your own by having conversations with them.  Asking questions.  Finding out what their job responsibilities are.  What are they passionate about?  Ask the right questions to see if they are cup half empty or half full kinds of people.  Walk slow!
  • Don’t start making changes until your staff is comfortable with you.  Some of the toughest changes are personnel.  You many inherit staff who are trouble makers, or who are where they are because they are the weakest link and no one knows what to do with them.  Watch and listen for 6 months minimum before you start making major changes.
  • Find out the personalities of your staff and their leadership styles so you know how to manage them.  It is important to help your staff grow into the best they can be.  Figure out what motivates them to be productive.  This all takes time and patience.  Be patient and take it slow.

Attitude is everything!  Be positive, helpful, compassionate to create a safe environment for your staff to trust you and to grow!

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