Just Happy…………

ImageHow do you say happy, just happy.  Not ecstatic, or excited, or even content, but happy.  I love teaching others about leadership but just as much as teaching, I love to learn.  Today was a learning day for me.  To have a person I respect care enough to invest in my leadership is fulfilling.  How exciting to be on the other end of constructive criticism.  To have an “aha” moment of my own.  How humbling to gain more insight and experience first hand, in a field I love.  

Don’t ever take constructive criticism negatively.  Whoever cares enough about you to give it, cares enough about you to want you to grow whether it be in leadership, parenting, job skills, being a husband/wife…….leave yourself open to the kind of growth that is affirming to helping you reach the next level of humanism.  

I am thankful today for a friend who cared enough to point out my weakness, even though I know it wasn’t exactly easy for them to do so.  I am thankful for a loving atmosphere to grow in and to lead in.   I am also thankful for the space to be who I am and to expand in ways I never thought possible. Stay open, stay humble, and stay positive when it is your turn to learn.  You never stop learning, even when you think you have it figured out, you probably don’t!  

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