Dig Deep……

How do you dig deep as a leader?  This week our Sr. Pastor, CEO announced he is out of remission and needs more treatment for his lymphoma.  As he was telling me I could feel my heart sink, not only for he and his family but for us, our church.

Another lesson in leadership……be prepared to dig deep.  Many organizations have struggled with economic issues in the past 10 years.  With the rise and fall of the economy, 911, the housing market, the stock market, gas prices and the list goes on.  Organizations become anxious within these conditions.  Will we make the budget, can we keep all of our employees, can we pay the bills………..

Nothing can prepare you though when your leader comes to you with such news.  The really difficult part is not just the illness but watching your friend ride this roller coaster.

ImageMy word of the year is WHY?  It is mentioned 510 times in the bible.  It symbolizes digging deeper.  Understanding the bottom line of decisions, direction, forward movement.  It helps me to see more clearly how to proceed.  When I think about this instance, I ask WHY?  Not in a negative way but in the sense of growth, kind of, “ok now where do we go and why”?  Just when we thought our visionary was on his way back, we took a different road.  Now we take a step back as leaders and figure out what this mean.  We dig deep to move forward just as we do when the economy tanks and we need to be creative in finding ways to meet the bottom line.

Walking through this season of our life has grown me by leaps and bounds as a leader. I’ve told my kids over and over to dig deep, overcome!  Now it is time to take my own advice.  We will dig deeper……why?………to grow!  Without challenge there is no growth.  This is a challenge we are embracing.

Who knows what you are going through whether it be professionally, personally, both!  Pull up your boot straps and regroup!  I encourage you to spend time with God and let HIM show you the way.

Whether you are in a secular job or a church job there are times you need to dig deeper – work harder  – overcome!  Obstacles are there to help you grow, not go!

We had an associate pastor pass away about 5 year ago of cancer.  He had melatonin which spread to his brain and eventually took him. Walking through that with him was so difficult and to be doing it again, well, you can imagine.

As a leader it is my job to keep staff moral high, hope blooming, people positive, prayer flowing as we watch and trust that God is in charge!  He saw this coming and will carry us through.

Dig deep within your challenges, don’t let the circumstances win…….come out on top.  If you don’t know how, seek and you will find!  Seek from God, friends, coworkers, spouses, He uses all of us to grow each other!

Please pray for J. David Panther as he moves forward in his fight!

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