Has a word ever intrigued you? So simple but filled with emotion, action, quiet, unrest. One of our staff challenged us to choose a WORD for the 2013 year and use that word to better your relationship with Christ.

My word is WHY. Three simple letters filled with so many meanings. Do you remember when your kids were little, or maybe they still are, and all you heard was WHY? It is amazing how strategic one can be when thinking of WHY and how many decisions change when the small word is considered.

I started considering the word WHY last year after attending a conference for large churches. I started to consider WHY much more seriously after it was presented in such a way that made me think that if I can’t answer the question, I haven’t thought through the decision thoroughly. It has helped develop my leadership style and just in time for the promotion to Executive Director.

It is scary to be completely on your own. Dangling on the ledge without a safety net. From third in charge to in charge! That small word has changed the way I think and ultimately changed the way my staff thinks. They know I will ask them WHY if they present an idea that is not complete. I don’t know, because, not sure, someone suggested it…….not enough information for WHY.

I would encourage you to try it. WHY? Because you will learn to think deeper, present better, be thorough in your planning, you will learn not to settle. Never Settle! Be Excellent! Strive to be your best and to develop those around you to be their best! WHY? Because you care, you want to be successful, you are top notch and you want those around you to be top notch as well!

Try it!

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