The Right Leaders

“The right leaders use their gifts and give their lives to make a difference. And God blesses them with it—his mysteriously awesome presence, power, and peace.” (IT – Craig Groeschel)

There is one to hit you between the eyes!  Are you using your gifts? Do you know what your gifts are?  Have you thought about what you do every day……are you there for a paycheck, because of decisions you’ve made, because of consequences?  How are you using your day to please God?

It wasn’t until I realized I am not here to please my boss, my husband, my kids but to please my GOD that I began to make a real difference.  My attitude changed, my thought processes changed, my pray life changed, and my confidence levels changed.  What a WOW moment!  It takes courage in this society to say I’m really not here to please you (whoever YOU is) I am here to please my God.

I’m not saying to turn on your boss or company or family who whoever YOU is, I am saying let God lead you in your thought processes and strive to please HIM!!  If you are centered on Christ your actions will speak louder as will your words!

I read a daily devotional by Sarah Young called “Jesus Calling”!  What a great way to get your mind set on Christ!  I would recommend finding something that works for you!

I love the quote from Craig Groeshel that I’ve opened this post with. He is talking about Vision and Mission and employee buy in to the organization.  If you truly believe in the Vision/Mission you will make it YOUR LIFE! I am blesses to work in an amazing organization that keeps me surrounded in Christ BUT because I work at a church it is easy to get over stimulated and start to get stale!  How do staff Worship and keep our Spiritual Life alive when we get so tired.  How do we recharge.  Living every day for Christ’s Mission keeps me ALIVE!

I am committed to making our organization the best it can be under my watch.  As the Executive Director, I need to make sure my staff has the same goals!  I don’t want anyone on my staff who does not fully believe in the direction of our organization. Don’t be afraid to do the hard thing!  Get the right people on the right seats of the bus!  Hire with passion and build your leaders! GOD will BLESS YOU!!!  Live  to please Christ Every Day and hire those who choose to do the same

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