It takes what it takes…

"It takes what it takes". - Schnase  Wise words to apply to life in general.  I've been in turmoil to help my church keep up with the times.  To remain relevant and fresh for those who choose to worship with us.  We are a United Methodist Church in Western PA.  We are not in the … Continue reading It takes what it takes…


What’s on your mind….really 

  What's on my mind asks Facebook each time I log in. What's on my mind?   I hold back so often so I do not hurt the feelings of some of my followers.  I know if they read my posts they will know I'm talking about them. I would love a safe place to vent … Continue reading What’s on your mind….really 


Best part of the day…..

  What was the best part of your day? Have you thought about it? December 22, two days before Christmas Eve "the most wonderful time of the year" and have you stopped long enough to enjoy the moment?   A friend gave me a gift today. A gift from her heart and it was the best … Continue reading Best part of the day…..